We’ve been framed…Twice

Two International Art Companies have chosen The Langham Estate to house their London Galleries. Grad London has leased a 2,240 sq ft Ground Floor Unit at 3-4a Little Portland Street, and Kashya Hildebrand has leased a 2,295 sq ft Gallery over Ground Floor & Basement at 22 Eastcastle Street.

GRAD is an enterprising not-for-profit gallery exhibiting Russian art in central London, including rarely seen graphic arts and other works from Russian collections and specially commissioned pieces. They will also be holding special exhibitions with co-curators from Russia, and seminars dedicated to academic and curatorial developments in the expanding field of international studies in Russian art from the early 20th Century to the present day.

The artists of the Kashya Hildebrand Gallery challenge pre-conceived notions of nationality and cultural identity, creating an environment in which established norms become blurred and characterizations from seemingly contrasting cultures occupy the same visual space. This juxtaposition leads to a simultaneous renunciation and acceptance of the traditional and the contemporary, creating an environment that is in constant flux. Religion, politics, nationality and culture are treated as the foundation of identity, depicted and disseminated to varying degrees. Through painting, collage, sculpture, photography and installation work the artists convey the contestations of the contemporary political landscape.

These two lettings enhance Noho’s growing reputation as the new Art Gallery hub in the West End.