The Langham Estate Joins Westminster City Council’s Sustainable City Charter 

The Langham Estate Joins Westminster City Council’s Sustainable City Charter


We are delighted to announce that The Langham Estate has taken a momentous step in its journey towards achieving net zero emissions. The company has officially become a part of Westminster City Council’s Sustainable City Charter, signalling its dedication to environmental responsibility and the pursuit of a greener, more eco-conscious approach.


The Sustainable City Charter by WCC represents a significant initiative aimed at fostering a collaborative and holistic approach to combat climate change. By joining this charter, The Langham Estate does not only recognise that achieving net zero is an ongoing effort that demands consistent progress and unwavering daily dedication but also aligns itself with a collective vision that prioritizes working towards a greener, more environmentally friendly Westminster.

westminster sustainable city charter

Richard Hillyard, Head of Sustainability at The Langham Estate, says:

“The Langham Estate has been making major strides towards our net zero ambitions, and participating in Westminster City Council’s Sustainable City Charter is a public commitment to this work. Being part of the charter is an opportunity to collaborate with other businesses and organisations across the West End in our collective goal towards ensuring a safer and more sustainable city.”


The announcement comes as a testament to The Langham Estate’s genuine commitment to both people and the planet and affirming our dedication to contributing to a sustainable future.


For more information on Westminster City Council’s #SustainableCityCharter, visit Westminster City Council’s Sustainable City Charter.