Sowing the seeds of success on the Estate…

With headquarters in New York and offices in London and Melbourne, The Chia Co are going from strength to strength. They moved into the 2nd floor of 113 Great Portland Street on the estate just under a year ago, after making the move from the financial district of the city in preference of a more creative area in line with their company ethos.

The Chia Co was founded by Australian John Foss, a fourth generation grain farmer, after he discovered the broad range of health benefits that chia seeds have to offer. Chia contains high levels of Omega-3, beneficial for lowering cholesterol, maintaining artery function and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. John found the perfect growing conditions for the seeds exactly 15 degrees south of the equator in the Kimberley region of Western Australia and established the world’s largest scale chia farm.

The Chia Co pride themselves on being fully involved in the supply chain process from field to store. They now manufacture a range of products which include Chia Pods, Chia Pod Oats, Oats+Chia and Chia Pod Bircher Museli and in the UK alone supply to retailers such as ASDA, Tesco, Boots, Costco and Sainsburys.

In August The Chia Co was featured in the Wall Street Journal under the headline ‘Chia Co Takes the Lead in a Global Health-Food Revolution’. The article reported an estimated $100 million in revenue by 2015.

To find out more about The Chia Co and their products visit their website at and for details of available office spaces on the Langham Estate see our current availability list or contact us.