“Indahouse” on Margaret Street…

Spelthorne Community Television, a district from which Ali G came from, a new production company set up by Sacha Baron Cohen, Andrew Newman and Channel 4 has leased a new office at 63/64 Margaret Street on The Langham Estate.

The company will specialize in creating scripted TV comedy and comedy entertainment content with a “strong focus on innovation and new ideas.” Through this company the duo will support new and emerging comedy writers and performers with “bold ambition.”

Baron Cohen’s relationship with Newman and Channel 4 reaches back to the 1990s. Baron Cohen made his debut in 1998 on Channel 4’s “The 11 O’clock Show,” where he worked with Newman, who was the show’s producer. Baron Cohen’s TV series “Da Ali G Show” also aired on Channel 4. It won two BAFTA TV awards and garnered several Emmy Award nominations in the U.S., where it played on HBO.

The Langham Estate offers a warm “Jagshemash” to this new company and if you would like know more about Spelthorne Community Television check out their website http://spelthornecommunitytv.com