Celebro Media Networks have opened their latest studios on the First Floor (East) of Portland House on The Langham Estate.

Traditionally Celebro Media Networks are a consulting company who help clients launch TV shows. Specialising in multilingualism, they have already worked with companies such as the BBC and MTV launching shows all over the world. Celebro have now opened their own 2,000 square foot studios which are available for clients 24/7 for short term or long term bookings.

Chief executive and founder Wesley Dodd explains: “The media industry is changing, there is a contraction in studio space in the UK but an increase in live broadcasting. That is why there is the need for studios such as ours, and in this rapidly changing industry we have set the bar high by creating the UK’s first 4K TV studio.”

Wesley explained the reasoning behind the choice of location for the studios: “The vast majority of our clients are in Noho and Soho as well as most of the talent that we work with. It is the centre of the universe in TV terms! Previously we had moved around between serviced offices for 4 years as our property requirements for the studios were so specific.”

Visit the Celebro Media Studios website for more information on the facilities:

If you are also looking to make the move to Noho, take a look at our availability on The Langham Estate at